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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Morné Hunting Journal II

(August 2006 - Limpopo River)

Rowland Ward Duiker, taken with a 150gr Hornady Interbond. I have searched for a Duiker for a very long time and had a "few" failed attempts at bagging one. (Again the Lord provided supernaturally for this hunt in finances and in quarry.)

(November 2006 - Karroo - Between Middleburg and Graaf Reinett)

Went with a friend to this farm never expecting to really hunt, the next moment the Lord blessed me with a Black Springbok and a Mountain Reedbuck both FREE!! And not just normal trophy sizes - Rowland Ward Reedbuck!!

So now awaiting the 2007 hunting season - wonder what the Lord has in stall for this year, wow!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My bow hunts.

My Bow Hunts in 2005:

I have been a rifle hunter for 15 years already, but was always intrigued by the art of bow hunting. At the end of 2004, I subscribed to the bow hunting magazine "Africa's Bowhunter and Archer", (http://www.africasbowhunter.co.za/), to learn more about bow hunting.

After some research and good advise from friends, I decided on the bow I wanted and bought my first bow in the first part of 2005. I bought a Matthews Switchback and started hunting with 3-bladed 100gr. Muzzy broadheads.

(August 2005 - Limpopo)

Here I am with my first bow kill and the PH that assisted me, Charlene. I stalked the impala to within 35 meters. I released the arrow and it penetrated a bit high on the shoulder blade and nestled itself in its spine. (Hence the arrow still in the animal.)

It was a fatal shot and the animal dropped on the spot, something not very common with bow hunting.

(August 2005 - Limpopo)

On my second bow hunt, I bagged this warthog piglet. I shot him from a distance of 20m and the arrow just zipped through, he only ran for about 35m. Not exactly a trophy size, but the meat was very tender on the spit.

(August 2005 - Limpopo)

Later, on the same day I shot the piglet, along came this bigger sow and I shot her through her shoulders. Unfortunately the arrow stuck in her and as she ran off, broke my arrow in half. We recovered her approximately 70m from where I shot her.

Still on the same day, I saw a magnificent bushbuck, but the price on him was a bit steep...

(August 2005 - Limpopo)

After some serious prayer, the Lord blessed me with another shot at the bushbuck. He walked passed me and came to a halt at about 22m from me. I drew my bow and the arrow zipped through both his lungs and we recovered him about 60m further from the area where the shot was taken.

I can't wait for the next hunting season!

P.S: I once shot a mouse at 20m while practising, but there was no camera nereby...

Monday, March 13, 2006

Morné Hunting Journal

Here follows my hunting "Journal" so far:

A Quick Note:

Not one of these hunts would have been possible if it wasn't for the Lord our Saviour Jesus Christ. He provided financially for all of them, sometimes even the week after the hunts, enabling me to stand in blind faith for the finances. Not easy when you shoot over R10,000.00 worth of trophy's, but He came through EVERY time and I know he will for ALL my future hunts. Glory to Him alone. If it wasn't for Him I wouldn't have bagged these animals as I cannot believe some of the shots I made on these animals, I KNOW He guided every bullet I ever shot!!

(September 2003 - Limpopo)

My first Hunt!!

I was waiting for an Impala when this little one showed up, could not say no to shooting my first animal. Small but very memorable baptism into hunting.

(September 2003 - Limpopo)

My first hunt on a Impala - 250m spine shot, dropped in it's tracks (The Angels definitely helped with this shot!)

(August 2004 - Limpopo)

Found his tracks early (06:00) in the morning, first shot at 13:05 (280m). Tracked the blood spoor till 18:00 then had to stop for light. The next morning started at 06:00. Followed the spoor and had several sightings of him, but he was running strong. Finally put him down at 10:15. First bullet entered from the front and shredded intestines, liver and bladder. Front right leg was shot. The bullet deflected from the bone and missed both heart and lungs by 5mm! Exhausting hunt but worth it! Camera was stolen with all but this photo of my first kudu!

(September 2004 - Karoo)

Shot seven Springbuck on this hunt!

(September 2004 - Karoo)

Shot the wrong Ostrich, aimed at male running and got the lead wrong. Great hunt!

(April 2005 - Thabazimbi)

WOW, wow and wow!

My first hunt with my own rifle (Remington 700 ADL 30-06).
My first Rowland ward and SCI!!!
My first Eland!!
Wow it was amazing - shot him at 50m after +/- 10km stalk. All this with only R45 in my bank account (The Lord provided supernaturally, but I had to walk in faith on this one)

(April 2005 - Thabazimbi)

Visibility was fading fast, but it was a good shot at 100m. He ran 10m before collapsing.

(May 2005 - Karoo)

Shot nine springbucks that week, shots were all 200 - 300m.

(May 2005 - Karoo)

Shot this ram at 400m!! My best shot ever!!! (Yes we did measure the distance)

(May 2005 - Karoo)

Shot him at 350m. It took five shots to put him down, very tuff animal. (The Lord broke my ego right down after I thought I was a good shot on previous hunt!)

(June 2005 - Limpopo)

Shot this Oryx at 80m walking towards me. Took two shots to put him down.
Also shot 1 female kudu and 3 Impala ewes for biltong.

(July 2005 - Limpopo)

Shot her at 70m, she ran +/- 200m before going down.

(August 2005 - Limpopo)

Shot him at 250m, bullet dropped and hit him on left front leg. Tracked his blood spoor for +/- 5km before we put him down.

(August 2005 - Limpopo)

Shot him in the walk at +/- 100m in the open plains, just short of Rowland ward. Brilliant hunt!
My first of the small five.

(August 2005 - Limpopo)

One of the hardest hunts (emotionally)
Shot was perfect in the square. Also shot 4 impala ewes and one ram for biltong.

(August 2005 - Limpopo)

Shot him at 100m with Nosler 220gr.

(August 2005 - Limpopo)

Shot him at 100m, Dense bush.

(February 2006 - Free State)

Catalina Goat, what a weird animal and stinks!!! A rough hunt had to traverse over mountains (ok, ok koppies - felt like mount Everest).

(February 2006 - Free State)

My first Rowland ward and SCI Bontebok!!!

I totally misjudged my distance on this one, took three shots before I got the drop right. (220gr Nosler bullet at 260m - 360m)

(February 2006 - Thabazimbi)
What a Red Hartebeest, 22 1/2"!!!

Stalked three different bulls but they were not the right size. Then this one showed up, shot him at +/- 110m. He only ran 30m before collapsing.
(Again the Lord provided supernaturally for this hunt, as He did for all the previous hunts.)

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Hi, a invite for you to post your hunting stories and pic's. Enjoy!